Not sure if this counts, but...

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Not sure if this counts, but... Empty Not sure if this counts, but...

Post by Anon77 on Fri Nov 22, 2013 2:44 pm

This is something that I need another set of ears on. To clarify my confusion and lack of social graces, I have trouble understanding certain social situations so it ends up with my being unable to speak up at times.

I have been with my league for over two years now. When I couldn't skate, I would NSO a lot. This past spring, I was asked not to NSO because of mistakes other Zebras were noticing and that the head reff wanted a crew that knew what they were doing (This is from what I remember the reff saying, so I am trying to recall all of it.). I told them that I would take the season off from NSOing so I could focus on learning the rules better and get a better grasp on the positions. The thing is, the reff never told me who noticed any mistakes I made while working as a NSO. I didn't understand why I had to stop; I was to in shock to ask. The following bouts I noticed that they would use cadet players or people that were from other leagues (whom I love). Nowadays, I am too nervous to ask if it's okay to come back to NSO for the next season for bouts (I would NSO when we had inter-league scrimmages) because I don't know what kind of answer I might get.

That is one bit.

For about a year I was going to school at night, so I ended up missing practices that were on the days I had class. The team was fine with it. However, when I finally could come back to practices again, I was pulled over and asked why I was skating when I was an NSO. I wasn't aware that it was one or the other. They told me that they were confused, and just wanted to clarify. I ended up not skating for five months. Flash forward to two months ago, I wanted to come back to skating. While many of the skaters were happy to see me back on skates, a few told me they were "confused" again. The whole one or the other thing came up again.

Can someone please explain to me why is it that this happens? I understand that they want to train people so they can become better, but I don't understand this. Please, tell me that it's not in my head and clear up all of this "confusion" for me.


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