Left league due to bad atmosphere and ppl creating drama

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Left league due to bad atmosphere and ppl creating drama

Post by Frustrated roller on Sun Sep 21, 2014 1:14 pm

I wouldn't say I was directly bullied by my own league, but I watched n tried stopping a certain teammate constantly attack other members of the team. It's done in a passive aggressive manner, and she always made out she hadn't done anything wrong n ppl were just taking her the wrong way (which was always followed with a passive aggressive remark).
For months the atmosphere was a very negative one to be in, top that off with the teams future stagnating due to new leadership. It became unbearable to be around. I tried as hard as I could to stay (6months of wanting to quit) but stayed as I felt guilty if I left. I treated everyone as a teammate (including said bully) but I had become very unhappy there, especially when a very close friend and teammate quit due to the bully.
Now I have left I felt a massive weight lift from my shoulders. I'm still in contact with 2 members, but feel like the rest of the team have now disowned me and the friendship we once had. It's made trusting ppl very difficult. I'm trying to keep positive as I am joining a new league who seem to have it all together. I just worry that it's killed the true love I had for derby and feel I must move forward using lots of caution.

Frustrated roller

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